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Monday, June 6, 2011

Baked Chicken Bruschetta Alfredo - Eat'n Park's "Best New Recipe" Contest Winner!

If you happen to be driving into Pittsburgh by way of McKnight Road, you will see a small Eat’n Park on your right. Next time you're in the area, be sure to take the time to stop in and say hello to one of our most creative cooks, Rachel Welch.

We call that restaurant #13, but it was a lucky number 13 for Rachel, who was recently named the overall winner in our Best New Recipe Contest.

The contest began last July and was open to all of our 1,251 cooks. Each cook with a new recipe idea prepared that dish for the management team in their restaurant. That team of managers chose the best recipe to represent their restaurant against all the other restaurants in their region.

One winner from each of our seven regions was chosen. Now the seven regional champions ventured to our test kitchen in Homestead to personally prepare their best new recipes for our panel of judges, including celebrity judge Shelley Duffy from the Star 100.7 morning program.

In the end, Rachel came out the victor. Her creation, Baked Chicken Bruschetta Alfredo, made it through the testing process and became the first dish chosen to be featured as a special at Eat’n Park Restaurants.

Rachel's idea is a great twist on one of last year's summer favorites. She took our Baked Chicken Bruschetta and sliced it over a bed of spaghetti. The addition of bacon, a creamy Alfredo sauce, and our homemade bruschetta topping made this dish a winner!

Now if you can’t get to our restaurant on McKnight Road to have Rachel make her award-winning dish for you personally, be sure to stop in at any of our 72 other locations and have any one of our 1,251 dedicated cooks prepare the dish for you.



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