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Friday, July 16, 2010

New! Strawberry Crème Pie

Allow us to introduce you to the latest and greatest from our always-fantastic lineup of mouthwatering desserts…..our new Strawberry Crème Pie!

Of course, our original Strawberry Pie could never be topped – after all, it’s been around for 56 years for good reason! No, our Strawberry Crème Pie isn’t a replacement for the original; it’s more like a great sequel. Think The Godfather, Part II. Yes, we just compared this pie to perhaps the greatest sequel of all time. It’s that good.

Loaded with fresh sliced strawberries suspended in crème, and topped with whipped cream and strawberry drizzle, this is one offer you can’t refuse!

Stop in soon though, because it’s only available in July.
Strawberry Crème Pie, just $2.69 per slice!

1 comment:

docsroc said...

We ordered this for my sister’s birthday. While it was tasty, it didn't have strawberries throughout nor was it drizzled with a strawberry drizzle.