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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Seafood Specials – Reel them in!

It’s February already, which means that our Seafood Specials are here! Though it’s on the menu year-round, my favorite seafood item this time of year is our Whale of a Cod fish sandwich. If you’ve had it before, you’ll probably agree with me that it’s the best fish sandwich around. But have you ever wondered why it is so good? Let me clue you in.

First off, we only use North Atlantic cod. Next, we hand-bread every single piece of our breaded fish fresh daily. At Eat’n Park, you won’t find anything chopped, formed, or mechanically breaded and frozen six months ago. Your fish sandwich or dinner is hand-breaded fresh every day and cooked to order. Finally, we serve our Whale of a Cod fish sandwich on a fantastic hoagie bun that is baked fresh each and every day by our bakers.

With the care, time, and commitment we put into serving you fresh, top quality products, you simply can’t find a better fish sandwich anywhere else. So be sure to stop in soon to try our Whale of a Cod sandwich or one of our other Seafood Specials, like our new Tuna Salad Wrap, Whitefish with Mac and Cheese, or our Seafood Pasta Bake.

And, if you’re interested in learning more about the history of cod, check out the book “Cod” by Mark Kurlansky. You might be surprised to learn that wars have been fought over this fish, revolutions have been spurred by it, and economies have depended on it. It’s a great read…especially while you’re enjoying a cup of our clam chowder!

Until next time,
Regis Share

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