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Friday, December 11, 2009

Bring in your Smiley Travel Mug for $1.00 refills!

If you’re already enjoying your morning brew in one of our Smiley Travel Mugs, we’ve got great news: Now you can fill ‘er up at Eat’n Park for only $1.00, then be on your way! This new refill program not only gives you your daily taste of our delicious coffee at a great value, but it also decreases waste by reducing the number of takeout cups we use.

Just bring your Smiley travel mug in to any Eat’n Park location at any time of day to get your $1.00 refill on regular or decaf coffee to-go (Lattes and espresso drinks are not included in this offer). If you don’t already have a Smiley travel mug, you can pick one up at any location, in a variety of designs.

Not a coffee drinker yourself? This would make a great gift for the java addict in your life! And, if you don’t live close enough to an Eat’n Park to pick one up for a gift, the mugs are available in our online store. You can ship them directly to your recipient.

So, start your day with a smile! Share

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