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Friday, February 13, 2009

Eat'n Park Love Stories

Tomorrow, of course, is Valentine’s Day. In honor of the holiday, we recently asked some of our email club members to share their Eat’n Park love stories. It turns out that our restaurants have played a part in more than a few romances, and apparently, love is in the air at Eat’n Park all year round!

We’ll be including more stories in upcoming postings and in our email newsletters, but we wanted to share a couple of our favorites in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

From Lillian, of Cheswick, PA:
I worked at the Lawrenceville Eat'n Park on 40th Street all through high school and college. During 1985, I would see this same guy come in for lunch everyday. I thought he was cute and always wanted to wait on him. He ordered grilled cheese, fries and a Sprite everyday. A girl that I worked with would write my name and phone number on his receipt and put it in his bag. He never called. That same fall, I went to a wedding of a friend that I had grown up with, and the guy from Eat'n Park was there. As fate would have it, my sister in law knew him and introduced us. He told me that he came into Eat'n Park everyday because he wanted to ask me out, but was too shy. We danced and talked all night and found out that we lived about 10 blocks from each other. He asked me to marry him that night! I said yes! We tried to elope two weeks later, but our parents wanted us to marry in a church. We waited five months and on April 12, 1986 we were married in church and had a small reception afterwards.

This April, we will be married 23 years and we have two beautiful children. Years later, we were having dinner at the Etna Eat'n Park with our five year old son and nine month old daughter who had just been diagnosed as profoundly deaf. We had only been using sign language for a month and were told that it would be a while before our daughter would understand what the signs meant. After dinner that night, we were waiting for the waitress to bring our check, when she arrived with two smiley cookies for our kids. My daughter looked at her and signed "cookie"! She understood!! It was her first word!! Our daughter is 13 now and still loves those smiley cookies. We buy them constantly for her to bring to school. We have even ordered them in her school colors. We eat at Eat'n Park at least once a week and it will always hold a special place in our hearts!

And from Shawn, of Pittsburgh, PA:

The Monaca Eat 'n Park was the second to last stop on a Scavenger Hunt that I sent my then-fiancee on the night of our engagement. The hunt directed her to a number of places that we went to during our courtship, and Eat 'n Park was where we had our first late-night meal, the night that we met. I left a "care package" for her at each stop with some mementos and a note (a clue) to the next location. At Eat'n Park, her "care package" included a Smiley watch and a note that directed her to my house, which was the last stop of her hunt. Once she arrived, she ascended a staircase adorned with rose petals and the names of the places she visited during her journey, with "our song" playing. She was crying when she reached the top, and I asked her to marry me. The answer was a resounding "yes!" Share

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