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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pittsburgh’s goin’ to the Super Bowl!

As a company founded and based in Pittsburgh, we can’t hide our hometown pride that the Steelers are headed to the Super Bowl next Sunday. In our Pittsburgh-area restaurants, we have had a long standing tradition of icing our famous Smiley cookies in black and gold for the Steelers season. Our guests seem to like our “Steelers Smiley Cookies,” especially when Super Bowl fever hits Pittsburgh. During the Steelers last Super Bowl run in January 2006, the Steelers Smiley Cookie was part of the official bet of both the mayor of Pittsburgh and the governor of PA – a great tribute to the Smiley Cookie’s place in the hearts of Pittsburghers.

Pittsburghers are a very loyal bunch, and even if they move out of the area, they don’t soon forget the team they rooted for growing up. We’re reminded of that every day when we see orders of Steelers Smiley Cookies sent from our online store to California, Washington, Texas, South Carolina, and every other state in the country! We try to do our part to as well – during the AFC Championship week, we offered free shipping to the state of Maryland so that Steelers fans trapped in Ravens territory could enjoy a taste of home. We even shipped Steelers Smiley Cookies to Ray Lewis to ease what was sure to be a tough Sunday for him. We haven’t heard back from him if he liked them or not.

For the Super Bowl, we wanted to help Steeler Nation show their support, so we decided to go big: we created new gift packs that combined two Pittsburgh icons: Steelers Smiley Cookies and special Super Bowl XLIII edition Terrible Towels. Since Steeler Nation extends further than just Western PA, we offered to ship the gift packs free to anywhere in the country. These were so popular, we sold out in less than a week!!

And, because the Steelers have a pretty large fan base among our Eat’n Park team members, we’ve decided to give them a gift of their own: we’re closing our restaurants at 3:00 pm the day of the big game, so that they can enjoy it at home. We’ll reopen at 6:00 am on Monday morning – hopefully in a celebratory mood after a record sixth Super Bowl win!

Go Steelers! Your loyal fans at Eat’n Park are behind you! Share


Anonymous said...

THAT IS GREAT- as a team member, I was unable to see the last superbowl game- THANKS to the powers above who made this decision- GO STEELERS and thank you Eat'n Park!!!

Irene said...

I am part of the Steeler Nation in North Carolina, and we are having a huge superbowl party...since time is short and cannot order Smiley Steeler cookies since it's so late, was wondering if EatNPark has given out their recipe for the cookie and icing. Know it will never be the same, but they sure would go over big down here, since we have no EatNParks here. Booohooo. I notice that your Boston Brown Bread (YUM) and stuffed sole (double yum) is on this blog.
Thanks and GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love being from western pa, and everytime i come home to visit, I request a trip to eatn' park. I live in the dc area and there are waaaaaaaay too many ravens fans around here for my liking. i love that the COMPANY, not just a fan, but the eat n' park head honchos sent ray lewis the cookies!! that is true steeler pride. I emailed this story to friends in iraq, california, italy, and afghanistan...its going to bring smiles to many faces. thanks again and here we go steelers, here we go!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Even though I live in "enemy territory" (a.k.a. Cardinal nation), I still bleed black and gold. From Chandler, Arizona... I wish my Pittsburgh Steelers the absolute best on Super Bowl Sunday! Goooo Steelers! Get one for the other thumb!

Anonymous said...

Now if only you'd open a shop or two out here in California! Originally from Aliquippa and moved to San Diego in '01 - Denny's has NOTHING on the good ol' E&P. Love you guys & go Steelers!!!!