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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

FAQ's: Answering the burning questions you have about Eat’n Park

Every day, our dedicated team members in guest relations receive calls and emails from curious guests seeking information about Eat’n Park that isn’t listed on our website. Well, in this posting, we’ve compiled some of the questions we hear most frequently.

Of course, we know there are more questions out there. What else do you want to know about Eat’n Park? We’d love to answer any questions we haven’t addressed here. Please, leave us a comment so we can gratify your curiosity!

Q: Why “Eat’n Park”? Wouldn’t “Park’n Eat” make more sense?
Park’n Eat would have been a logical choice, but here’s the thing: Back in 1949, when our first restaurant opened, the term “park and eat” was as common as “drive thru” is today and couldn’t be copyrighted. So, to stand out, our founder reversed the words, and the rest is history.

Q: I have food allergies. Are Smiley Cookies safe for me to eat?
Smiley Cookies contain the following allergens: wheat, soy, egg, and milk. It’s also important to note that while the cookie itself does not contain any nut products, these allergens are present in our restaurants, where the cookies are iced and baked.

Q: What steps is Eat’n Park taking to “go green”?
We’ll be exploring this subject in-depth through Jamie’s posts on sustainability. Jamie is personally very passionate about this subject, and he’ll be providing insight on how we’re working with local farms to source fresh produce, as well as what we’re doing to reduce our ecological footprint. Check out Jamie’s posts here: http://eatnparkblog.blogspot.com/search/label/Sustainability

Q: I signed up for your email club. Why haven’t I received my coupon?
That depends. There are two likely answers:
  1. If you signed up on our website, your coupon was probably emailed to you within 24 hours. However, it might be caught in your spam or junk folder. Make sure you check these folders, and then add our email address to your safe senders list so that future emails are delivered to your inbox. If you're sure that the email isn't caught in your junk folder, go here to notify us so we can investigate for you: http://www.eatnpark.com/feedback_request.asp?RequestType=General. Make sure you include the email address you registered with.

  2. If you signed up on a paper slip at one of our restaurants, it may take a couple weeks for your registration to go through, just because it takes us some time to manually enter everyone’s information. There’s also a chance that we had trouble reading your email address, and it may have been entered into our system incorrectly. In either case, why not just sign up right now on our website? http://www.eatnpark.com/join.asp
Q: My non-profit organization is having a fundraiser, and we’re looking for donations. We’d like to have Smiley cookies donated, but your website says you need 5 weeks notice. Why do you need so much time?
A: This is a great question. Five weeks seems like a lot of time. However, please consider that we receive hundreds of donation requests every week. We have to review all of them, then decide which ones we’ll be able to accommodate. (This, by the way, is the hardest part, because we receive SO MANY worthy requests!)

After this decision-making stage, we have to get in touch with everyone who’s been approved, then coordinate the details about when they’ll pick up their donation. Then, we need to communicate with our restaurant managers two weeks before the donation will be picked up, so that they have time to order the supplies needed and prepare the donation for the pickup date. When you multiply these steps by the number of requests we’re dealing with, you can see why we need so much time.

The good news is that we just recently rolled out a new online donation system, and it’s helping us streamline this process. If you’d like to request a donation, visit our donation page to get started: http://www.eatnpark.com/smiley_donation.asp Share


Unknown said...

Do you use pancake or any other type of flour in your omelets or scrambled eggs

Eat'n Park said...

We do not use any flour our oatmeal or scrambled eggs!