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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

All the Ways to Enjoy World Chocolate Day at Eat'n Park

If you’re like us, you crave all things chocolate on a regular basis. Well, guess what! We chocolate lovers get a reason to celebrate our sweet obsession on July 7—it’s World Chocolate Day! Which Eat’n Park chocolate menu item are you looking forward to spending the holiday with? 

Hot Fudge or Chocolate Sundae 

Chocolate lovers can’t go wrong with this sundae! Two scoops of vanilla ice cream are covered with your choice of fudge or chocolate, all finished with whipped topping. 

Cookie Fudge Fantasy 

Chocolate + cookies = a dream come true! This dessert comes with layers of crumbled chocolate chunk cookie, hot fudge, and premium vanilla ice cream, all topped with whipped topping and another chocolate chunk cookie! 

Brownie Fudge Fantasy 

We take a rich and chewy chocolate chip brownie and serve it in a mug with two scoops of our premium hand-dipped vanilla ice cream. Oh, and there’s more! We cover it with hot fudge and creamy whipped topping. (Gluten-free chocolate fans—this is a gluten-friendly dessert!)

Chocolate Creme Pie 

This is one pie you’ll like a choco-lot! We fill a delicious pie crust with smooth chocolate cream filling and finish it all off with whipped topping and chocolate shavings.


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