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Monday, May 16, 2022

What Kind of Strawberry Item Should You Order Based On Your Summer Personality?

During the Merry Berry Month of May, there are so many Strawberry menu items to choose from! But which one is right for you based on your personality? Find out by taking our quiz below! 

What are you hankering for? 

A. Breakfast 

B. Lunch 

C. Beverage 

D. Dessert 

What’s your favorite summer activity? 

A. Watching a baseball game 

B. Checking out a car cruise 

C. Rocking out at an outdoor concert 

D. Oohing and ahhing at fireworks 

Favorite summer holiday? 

A. Memorial Day 

B. First Day of Summer 

C. Fourth of July 

D. Labor Day 

Ideal vacation? 

A. Amusement Park 

B. Camping 

C. Cruise 

D. Road Trip 

What body of water are you hanging out at this summer? 

A. Ocean 

B. Lake 

C. Pool 

D. River 

Mostly A’s: Strawberry Waffle  

You start early and you go big! The Strawberry Waffle is perfect for you because it’s something sweet and decadent to kick off all the things you have on your to-do list.  

Mostly B’s: Strawberry and Chicken Salad 

You enjoy the simpler things in life and like to take it all in! The Strawberry and Chicken Salad combines simple ingredients like strawberries, chicken, and spinach and makes them into something truly special—and tasty! 

Mostly C’s: Strawberry Lemonade 

You’re a trendsetter who likes to keep things cool! Our Strawberry Lemonade infused with fresh strawberries tastes just as good as it looks in your next Instagram photo! 

Mostly D’s: Strawberry Pie 

You love a good ending to a story and you can’t get much better than this summer dessert! Our Strawberry Pie is packed with a history of deliciousness, dating back to 1954.


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