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Monday, May 21, 2018

An Apology Letter to Chili

Dear Chili,

We hope there are no hard feelings between us after that one time (ahem, three weeks ago) when we briefly removed you as one of our daily soup offerings. Though we knew our guests enjoyed your hearty flavors on the cold, snowy days of winter, we thought a lighter soup option during the warmer months would be a worthy substitute. Oh, how very wrong we were…

After a large outcry from passionate chili fans all over our Eat’n Park footprint via phone calls, Twitter, and even a few carrier pigeons, we’ve realized the error of our ways – and we’re bringing you back to our daily lineup! (Pause for a happy dance break!) Every Monday, we will proudly and prominently feature your goodness on our Soup, Salad & Fruit Bar. During the other days of the week, you’ll still be available for all our guests to enjoy with their entrĂ©e or their salad bar if they simply ask their server for a cup or bowl of your deliciousness.

Again, we apologize for any heartache or hunger pains we may have caused you and your admirers, and we hope that you will soon forgive us for this unfortunate lapse of judgement on our part.

Long live Eat’n Park Chili!
Team Smiley



Mark said...

Thanks for bringing back the chili!
Question - If you request a bowl of chili with the salad bar on a day other than Monday, is it included, or do you have to pay for the chili?

Eat'n Park said...

Hi Mark! The chili would be included! We just did not have enough room on the Salad Bar to fit all of our delicious soup options! :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was afraid that Eat'n Park had really lost and important part of its signature. Now I am comforted to know that the 'Chili Heat' has NOT gone out. Hooray! I will return to partake of one of my favorite parts of the Soup and Salad Bar options.

Unknown said...

Thank goodness you brought back your chilli. My husband would not eat there again until he was guaranteed chili.