Friday, January 11, 2013

Eat'n Park Soup Schedule

If you didn’t already know, we love soup! Which is why we offer homemade Chili and Chicken Noodle Soup every day. But we also offer a variety of other soups throughout the week. And did I mention our soups are great to go?! They are only $6.99 a quart!
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Sunday – Potato
Monday – Stuffed Pepper
Tuesday – Cream of Broccoli
Wednesday – Potato
Thursday – Wedding
Friday – Clam Chowder
Saturday – Cream of Broccoli



Charlotte Ann Fryson said...

I have tried Potato and stuffed pepper soups in different cities and some are good. But none compare to Eat N Park. When I come in they know I want a quart of stuffed pepper or Potato soup and I am happy you have information on how many carbohydrates are in your food. That is inportant informatin for my food choices. Thank you for your excellent customer service,and the coupons are also nice.

Anonymous said...

What is the new soup that you have, i was there august 20, 2013 in erie, PA i did not see any chili?

Eat'n Park said...

The soup you saw was our FarmSource Veggie Soup featuring local produce from the farms we partner with. We still make chili every day, but during the summer months you have to ask your server for it. They will be happy to bring it out!

rick/belle vernon said...

I love your chili. Have you published the recipe for it?

Eat'n Park said...

Hi, Rick. Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately our recipe is a secret, but we're happy to hear you love it!

Anonymous said...

Overall .. Your food is absolutely amazing ! My family .. friends .. and I love it ! Its also at a great price too ! (:

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